About Backyard Games of America

At-risk youth non profit organizations like Backyard Games of America provide students with much-needed opportunities to thrive in school and prepare for a successful life. BYGA offers scholarships, mentoring programs and additional support services to students in BYGA programs. We strive to help young people flourish through a supportive atmosphere and accessible guidance. BYGA believes that strong education and positive examples of leadership provide the best foundation for a bright future for today’s at-risk youth. We welcome you to learn more about our organization and become part of our growing mission!

A Community-Based Model for Development

Supported by outstanding community members, BYGA provides programs for young people focused on development in multiple areas. Financial counseling, development of soft skills, spiritual awareness, family support and other areas are all stepping stones on the path to a healthy, self-actualized life.


Our Board

  • President: Lawrence Butler
  • Vice President: Errol Butler
  • Secretary: Diane Butler
  • Treasurer: Dorothy Black
  • Contact Us

    To learn more about BYGA, contact us via our web form or call us at (270) 316-5536 today!