Our Programs

July Activity Month: Each year we plan multiple activities throughout the month of July for the benefit of our most precious resource: the children.

High School Program: A selected child will be followed from high school academia to college, and he or she will be offered educational support and a scholarship to pave the path to a bright future.

College Scholarships: further details coming soon.

Friday Night/Fun Night: Wrap up to the end of each school week. Review of each child that has done well and is rewarded with a “Fun Night”.

Competitive Community Activities: Take the kids out to play baseball, kickball, basketball and football with other kids outside of program. Helping to promote social interaction and development.

Mechanically Minded Program: This program will prepare the kids for repairing little things at home that may need to be prepared at home. Some things will include the display of how electricity works, repairing of a toilet or sink. BYGA want to teach the children basic skills that are needed in everyday life and correlate them with their mathematical skills and how important an education is.